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 Trials of the Chosen01.07.2024 15:00

It is said that the walls of the White Castle, hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated on a distant reef, were painted with shimmering colours, and a dazzling glow rose above its towers. What happened? Do not worry! The Gloomslayer Asseliander, Chronicler Barachmung and Bewitcher Ulvarno have decided to organise a competition for the inhabitants of  Ogriy and  Khair!

Sheara herself allowed the last representatives of the Chosen to deviate from their oath not to interfere in the life of Faeo. Residents of both continents will remember the tasks assigned by the goddess herself, and then by her faithful Dragons. Well, now it’s time for the Chosen to test the warriors and reward those who show feats of ingenuity, valor and diligence!

The tasks will vary. Some will not require much of your energy, but will be more fun, others will make you work hard, and some will even require luck. Fans of Rodwin, the glorious pathfinder, are not forgotten either - they will be pleased with a new portion of his adventures, which you will have to repeat.

There are 32 challenges in total. In the first week you will be able to access 7 of them. Then each week 5-7 new challenges will be added, noting that the previous ones will remain available. As a reward for completing them, you will receive legendary achievements and chests with valuables. Chests will be awarded after completing 6, 12, 17, 22 and 27 challenges. The maximum reward is for completing 27 challenges.

Achievements will also be awarded to the most skillful warriors who manage to complete all 32 challenges, with special achievements for the first Human and first Magmar to finish.
Challenge: Magmar ChampionChallenge: Human ChampionChallenge: Absolute Champion
Please note: The list of available trials is located in the Achievements section under the "Challenges of the Chosen" tab.


We wish you success in your trials, warriors! May the chosen marvel at the abilities of Humans and Magmars!
Author: Tigerok, editor note: Tigerok

41. Littel Knight 01.07.2024 17:00
I would also like to have new chances to buy the Iteam more often with regard to­ the Labi Quest for all those who had not shopped in the shop in the 1st week...
42. -CyberPunk- 01.07.2024 19:16
@T-DeAdLY-J the item is available now again. thx for fixing it fast.
43. -TIMARIUS- 01.07.2024 23:54
Lag!!!! Much events -.-
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